I’d like to help you on your microservices journey.

My Practical Microservices email list is a place where I do that. If you want to bring joy and productivity back to your system, please join.

Ask yourself:

It doesn’t have to be this way.

You can build scalable systems, stay productive working on them in the long run, and avoid The Productivity Wall when you know what your countermeasures are.

That’s what this list is all about.

Hi, I’m Ethan Garofolo…

Hi, I'm Ethan Cover of Practical Microservices

…and I wrote Practical Microservices: Build Event-Driven Architectures with Event Sourcing and CQRS (print, ebook).

Software is easy to write, but hard to change, and coupling run amok is the culprit. Coupling will slowly grind any software project to a halt, leading to frustration and, in the worst case, mass exodus.

A microservices architecture exists to manage that coupling. It isn’t about deployment strategies, repo organization, or programming langauges. It’s about you producing value and experience progress day after day.

Microservices are a different style though, and there’s plenty to learn.

That’s where this list can help.

You’ll receive short emails each weekday with code samples, walkthroughs of projects, designing event-based systems, and other guidance to help you build the kind of system that could handle doubling your business.

You don’t have to be at Google or Facebook scale to benefit from a microservice-based architecture.

Here’s what others have said about the book:

“The clearest and most complete example of how and why to build an event-driven architecture that presents a unified example that isn’t overly simplistic or overly complex.”

David Bryant Copeland, Co-author of Agile Web Development with Rails 6

“What I personally like about this book, is that it does not use de facto tools to show the concepts of event-driven architecture but uses a rather simple low-level stack to present and show the concepts rather well.”

Sven Kirsimäe

“To be clear, I would definitely use what I have learned from this book if I ever develop microservices…”


“Throughout the book, you develop an event-sourced system using simple (by design) message-db, an event store built on top of PostgreSQL. Simplicity is a common theme, and I enjoyed that a lot: simple language, simple tools, simple examples. Is it too simple? No. It’s structured well with references to what you’ve done a few chapters back.”

Michal Zaleci

“This book finally gave me an understanding of microservices I now see the value in this architecture.”

Chris @ vmach.ch

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